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Windau-Wadl trail

In the tracks of nature

Since 2009 Windautal has been one attraction richer. We constructed the Windau-Wadl trail for our guests. Do something good for your body and get your circulation going. Whether you are young or old, there is something for everyone. All in keeping with the motto "Servus die Wadl´n".

  • Gasthaus Steinberg Summer Wadl Weg trail
  • Gasthaus Steinberg Summer Wadl Weg trail

Kneipp gets me healthy and fit, I think I'll do a bit ...

Did you know that walking barefoot (around ¼ - ½ hour each day) is the oldest and actually the simplest way of strengthening your immune system? In his books, Minister Kneipp time and again stressed how important is was to remove your footwear as often as possible to strengthen the body. He referred particularly to walking in wet grass and on wet stones. ½ hour a day before going to sleep; walking barefoot is even said to help with sleep difficulties.

The following stations are available:

  • Kneipp circuit (for Kneipp)
  • Quartz stone (for massage)
  • Tree trunk
  • Bark mulch (invigorating effect)
  • Pine cone
  • Bark mulch
  • Moor mud

About water, wood and healing stone

We have been searching for a cure-all since time began, but no one has found it yet. With the trend now being for what is natural, we are now treading the path laid for us by our forebears. Huge amounts of energy and power are stored in materials such as wood, water and stone. And in quartz too: it takes its name from the Greek for mountain crystal 'Krystallos', which means deep-frozen ice. Due to its purity and clarity, its appearance is similar to that of deep-frozen, translucent ice. Mountain crystal also enhances the effects of other healing stones and can also recharge used stones. It has often been written and said that only clear, undamaged mountain crystals have good properties, others have experienced that even a damaged mountain crystal or a mountain crystal which has pockets in it has just as much energy, if not more than a pure and clear mountain crystal.

Discovering healing herbs and plants

In historical terms, the stinging nettle is a plant which has an impressive "career": the first poetic hymn of praise was bestowed upon the stinging nettle by Roman poet Catullus in the 1st century B.C., who praised this plant after it cured him of his sniffles and coughs. The stinging nettle has two guises. On the one hand, when we touch its fine hairs it leaves us itching. We can take precautions and counter this defensive measure taken by the plant by grasping it "following the line of the hairs " (that is going from bottom to top) or by using a plastic disposable glove. On the other hand, the stinging nettle delights us in the spring (April/May) by being a delicious and mineral-containing spring vegetable (with calcium, potassium, silicic acid;it can also be added to soups. The stinging nettle also attracts butterflies, such as the peacock butterfly and the Admiral. So don‘t destroy all of the stinging nettles in your garden and leave some of them as a welcome source of food for the butterfly caterpillar. You will be rewarded with colourful butterflies in the summer! Nettle tea: cleanses the blood, refreshes and alleviates tiredness. Every year in spring when the first green sprouts appear, a three-week nettle tea treatment is recommended, it’ll help make you feel not so exhausted.

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