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Tradition & History

80 years of family tradition

In Gasthaus Steinberg food enjoys a long history. Around 1930 the Grafl family decided, as well as trading in wood and hunting, to see to the physical well-being of local and out-of-town visitors. A passion for work and commitment to delivering hospitality has passed down from generation to generation.

  • Gasthaus Steinberge - pictures of the exterior from an earlier date
  • Gasthaus Steinberge - pictures of the exterior from an earlier date
  • Gasthaus Steinberg around 1930
  • Maria and Christian Grafl

Around 1940 Theresia and Michael Grafl took on the small "Unterkupftshaus Steinberg" and turned it, little by little, into a cosy guesthouse. In the beginning it was only opened in the summer but upon the development of the 'Windauer Landesstraße' road it then opened in the winter too.

  • Theresia and Michael Grafl
  • Re-building the guesthouse

It was refurbished again in 1982 and built to its current form as the "Steinberghaus" today. This was also the go-ahead for Jantina and Josef Grafl to manage the hotel in a more skilful way. More capacity = more guests! In winter it was school groups who came and so many still come back today to show their own children where the ski camp was held.

In 2006 Agata and Michael Grafl came back to the "Steinberghaus" to look after it with experience gleaned from abroad and to provide a new epoch in the 'Gasthaus Steinberg'. The fourth generation are now working here and here too building work was carried out and a big party held to celebrate "80 years of the Stoiberhütte".

  • Gasthaus Steinberg outdoor pictures taken in summer
  • Gasthaus Steinberg Family-oriented people
  • 1st floor renovation
    1st floor renovation
  • Gasthaus Steinberg Rooms

We look forward to welcoming you to the Gasthaus Steinberg …Your hosts Agata and Michael Grafl

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